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[QUOTE=dunk50;3659044]OK here is where I stand! Dealer took care of surging. It has none, zip, nada. Picked it up on time, the 45" wide tractor fit on my trailer just fine, got it home, mowed. First i am not stupid. I mowed it as high as it would go. I know my wife is going to tell me it should be shorter soeee I am going to have to mow it again, DAMN. Honda is quiet compared to my WH 16HP Onan. I have only used it for about a 1/2 hour and I am already in love! Thanks to ALL you guys / gals that provide us rookies with input. I do think Hustler should change their add specifications. They list the sport as 49" but as I was told after some research that this measurement is at the widest part of the handles when they are open in brake mode. I almost did not buy because of a couple 48" gates and a 48" trailer I use. Mower is actually 45" chute up with plenty of room. Thanks for clarifying that Pj. Now to mow my sons yard and I do have some neighbors that are on vacation that I can
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