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Originally Posted by BostonBull View Post
I just did my backyard over the past 2 nigths after work.

2 things that really stood out to me while doing this weed work are........

1-my lawn where the crabgrass is, has shallow roots, maybe 3"-4"
Interesting, how deep are the roots where the lawn has not been invaded by the crabgrass? What type of grass?

Originally Posted by BostonBull View Post
2-Where the crabgrass is (and maybe the whole lawn?) that I pull up, there are a TON of worms! And the soil is this rich black pebbly soil. Must be the compost and vermipost mixing together? Cant believe the amount of worms though.
Well, worms are good, but I am sure you know that.

I have an incredible number of earthworms in my lawn....the robins love my yard, you can frequently see a few roaming the yard at any particular time.


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