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Originally Posted by ajslands View Post
Yup! It's very humid inyour area. Their are a few products that can treat this.

The most common fungicides used are: benomyl, anilazine, and thiophanate.

Make two applications of a contact fungicide, 7-10 days apart, beginning when the disease is first evident. Damaged grass will recover if treated soon enough.

The best prevention for brown patch is aerate often, water only in the morning hours if additional water is necessary, remove excess thatch, and follow a fertilization schedule to help increase the amount of nitrogen levels in your lawn.

Dollar spots are most common to Kentucky Bluegrass, Bent Grass, and Bermuda in humid climates. They get their name from their small silver dollar-like shape, but can begin as the size of a small grapefruit. Usually looks brown or straw-colored in appearance. The spots may merge to form large patches several feet wide

Dollar spot is most common during warm, wet weather with heavy dews and in those lawns with low levels of nitrogen.
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