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Originally Posted by 1993lx172 View Post
You STOLE THAT! I've seen 317's and 318's that have been beat all to hell bring at least $800-$1000. Go ahead and fix the charging problem, put some high lift blades on it, and get the deck set right and it will put your Scag and maybe your Ferris to shame in terms of cut quality. I would get yourself a pull behind aerator, dethatcher, and a lawn sweeper or bagger and get into fall and spring clean ups and aeration.

When (God forbid) or if the Lx172 ever goes down for the last time (or when I graduate college and hopefully get my own place) a 300 series will be my first or second choice.
a friend put a volt meter on it after I installed new battery while engine running, it is putting 13.4 volts to the battery, he thinks that is low, I think it should work, we will see, anyone know for sure? I am going to watch for attachments also.
shotgun/rifle/4 wheel drive
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