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Originally Posted by Field King View Post
a friend put a volt meter on it after I installed new battery while engine running, it is putting 13.4 volts to the battery, he thinks that is low, I think it should work, we will see, anyone know for sure? I am going to watch for attachments also.
Maybe the charging system is fine and the battery the guy had in it went bad? Take a reading on the battery before you use it then use it for a day then take a reading when you're done, in theory that would tell you if it's charging or not. I haven't been up close to a 300 series in a while, but is there a gage on the dash for the battery/charging? It could be that the gage stopped working and the guy thought he had a charging problem. You could always take the alternator into Auto Zone, O'Riley's, or your dealer and have them test it.

As for attachments try Craig's list, ebay, or your dealer.
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