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Feedback: PITA sedge-like leaves through NEW sod ???

Just put in new sod for a home in the Beaverton area, a week and a half ago. About 3 weeks before that, the homeowner Round-Up sprayed both back and front lawns killing all top growth.

We sod cut and disposed the top layer. Added some some ammended topsoil and rototilled and layed ryegrass sod.

Got a call yesterday that some weed grass was growing "through" the sod. I wondered if it may have been the sod, because when we laid it, there were quite a few stub-cut stems that seemed unusual. Once I got there, I saw that was not the case. The sod, from JB Lawn, was fine.

There is a sedge-like plant that is growing through the sod. Some from like little nugget like things that feel like tiny 1/8" or 1/4" bulbs. The leaves are sort of sedge-like (grassy and lime green). Whereas the grass has grown maybe an inch in the last week and a half, these little plants pushing from beneath and through the sod have leaves 1" to 3" in the that time.

Homeowner tells me yesterday that this weed plant was in his yard before.

Right now, this is in an area about 7' x 12' in just part of the front lawn. None at all in the back.

I spent time with a sharp knife to be certain about the point of origin. And it for certain was not in the sod.

Anyone ever dealt with something like this? I've never seen this stuff grow in a turf area before anywhere that I've worked.
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