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Toro Electric / Hydraulic Solenoid

Does anyone have any experience with the toro hydraulic to electric manifold adapter. It looks like the attached and converts a hydraulic system to electric.

I have had frequent solenoid issues I presume to be heat related (full sun in ground box). I have tested voltage at 26vac, and even attached a non-used solenoid to the mv terminal to try and lower voltage a tad. It seems every year when it gets hot (95-100plus) I start dropping solenoids (shorting out). I am assuming it is related to the low water flow rates not keeping the solenoids cool and the hot weather. I have run times of and hour on almost all zones.

I am trying to find out if anyone knows of a solenoid that will fit and work correctly it besides the toro. Cannot get a universal or irritrol to work. I am tired of waiting for replacement $50 dollar toro solenoids.

The other issue I have been having is frequent solenoid sticking. It seems to be related to lime buildup I am getting on the solid metal solenoid plugers.

Any experienced input appreciated.
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