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Originally Posted by Classic Lighting View Post
Shallow well with 3/4 hp Sta-Rite that pumps 10 gpm. 2 gal pressure tank on top with 20psi of air. Not sure what the pressure switch is set at but the pump is not cycling.

Zone 1- (6) Pro sprays with VAN's operating at 15 psi. This zone will not pop up, I suspect due to the low pressure.

Zone 2 and 3- (3) I-20's operating at 25 psi, appear to operate correctly.

Zone 4- (6) Pro sprays with VANs operating at 10 psi. Again, this zone will not pop up.

Zone 5- (3) Pro sprays with 25 psi no problems noted.
Thanks to all who posted. I changed out the VAN's to 10' fixed sprays and fixed the pressure problems. Zone 1 when from 15 psi to 40 psi and Zone 4 went from 10 to 37 psi. All appears to work correctly. It is amazing how much pressure the VANS eat up.
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