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Originally Posted by topsites View Post

That rod is called a push rod, at the very bottom of it through that little hole
where you can't see is the camshaft where the other end of that there push rod
rides on certain egg-shaped lobes that make it go up-and-down as the engine turns.

This push rod pushes UP on a lifter, the thing that it keeps popping out from under is called a lifter.
On the other end of that lifter is your valve.

Beyond that I have to leave it to the experts.
At the bottom end of the pushrod is the LIFTER or TAPPET which in Kaw engines is usually solid as opposed to Kohler which uses hydraulic LIFTERS.
The LIFTER acts on the PUSHROD which in turn acts on the ROCKER ARM which acts on the VALVE to open it.
So, your pushrod keeps popping out from under the ROCKER ARM.
It ain't rocket science! far.

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