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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
We've talked about this many times. A pro should be able to do a walk-thru and give a fairly close ball park at that time. If the would-be client freaks, why do a design and a proper estimate with boiler plate specs? It's sell, sell, sell.
You'll know pretty fast if you have the job or not when you do a walk through. I also ask the budget. Most people know the cost before calling, but there is the occasional person that thought they could do it for "a couple hundred bucks" when it is a couple thousand bucks. I will also do the design for free if I am confident of getting the job, but if I am in doubt at all I charge for the design with the agreement that they get a credit toward the project if we do the install.

PS. I got a 'B' on a stellar essay in High School when I used "thru" instead of "through". I still remember his red pen "Thru is to describe a fast food drive 'thru' window".
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