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Price: Hedge trimming

I have recently been flooded with people wanting their hedges trimmed, but never know what to charge. All of this work is in the same neighborhood where all the homes look the same.

I would say 15-20 hedges with some of the bushes being 4 feet and while others being 12-15 feet, but needed to be brought down to

Do you charge by hedge, say 6 dollars per bush, or an overall flat fee. Each job is probably about 1.5 hours working alone and all the debris will obviously be picked up. I charge 50-60 dollars, but would like to see what others would charge. I do not want to overcharge anyone, but do not want to undercharge. Some of these people have not ever trimmed their hedges in the 4-5 years since they have been built, so they do not look as neat as the ones pictured which means more work

Here is an example of a house on the block and all the landscapes are pretty similar.
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