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One funny example: I had a lady calculate my wage to the minute, and said I was insanely high. This was a greatly UNDER priced lawn I will add. i laughed and asked how she figured my greatly overpriced wage.

Then i pointed out she forgot to multiply time on site by 3, since at the time i had 2 guys working with me.

She is a math teacher, and obviously clueless when it comes to business.

If questioned, you do not have to answer but if you feel obligated to point out that you must have insurance, commercial gear, spend unbillable hours doing maintenance and billing, and earn a profit. Be sure you leave a professional finish and never feel you have to justify yourself.

In those conversations, he who speaks last usually loses. At some point just say "Well it is a professional service, you could have a uninsured neighborhood kid do it with junk mower...just make sure your homeowners covers it" Let them say not say anymore or you lose your point.
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