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RB Seem to be the worst to find when shorted. I dont have any special tricks.

On a side note I used the TDR for the first couple of times this week after having Jim explain them in detail to me and the tool is unbelievable. I had shelved the unit before talking to Jim due to my misunderstanding of how the TDR operates.

It told me within 5 foot where the problem was on a 1100' signal wire. I didnt believe the reading until I found it. Top that off the problem ended up being on the common (TDR found it the same).

Same day TDR told me within a few feet where a valve was 950' from a controller on a different site. Saved me a lot of time on both jobs. Even with the 521 I would have had to do a ton more walking. I had fun with my guys when I told them "Its that valve right there I bet you 20 bucks"

This is a awesome tool that we all need to learn about and bounce off each other.

The TDR could tell you within a few feet of where the valve is in this situation.
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