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Nothing special about the design, should be simple to install.
I do not work with poly pipe though, some like it but I do not especially in my area of operations.
Regarding the RB spec'd components, I don't work with them either just Hunter and occasionally valve in hear Toro 600 series for some of the larger installs.
If I were you, take the design to your nearest irrigation supply house and convert the components to heavier grade rather than using the box store crap.
Remember, while the installation is important the system will require servicing so up-grade to better components. The trade off in money is well worth the increased durability.
Regarding your original post and subsequent comment concerning sarcasm - since I don't know you I could really give a crap.
And No, that isn't sarcasm - that is reality.
Nice Try = You Suck Spelled Differently
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