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Originally Posted by jlouki01 View Post
I appreciate the educational feedback. Not sure what a signature has to do with the question, that signature is well over 4 years old. I modified it just for you as to entice you to share your wisdom.
Obviously the signature has nothing to do with the question, but the nomanclature of this particular forum is not receptive to equipment signatures.

People take very clear sides on this topic. I think taking a stance on either side is a mistake. The landscape design dictates valve placement. If one had a 20 zone landscape with a turf area in the middle one might be inclined to run one to two valves per box in the landscaped area and run a manifold for the turf.

BTW laterals are from the valve to the emitter.

Ps. Manifolds can be built out of inline valves. When I first read Manifold versus inline valve I thought you were going to compare ASV manifolds above grade to inline valves below grade.

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