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Originally Posted by jvanvliet View Post
How about a;

Station Master Pro? Check the circuit/short/solenoid, etc. Every irrigation pro ought to have one. (Even comes with a noise maker to track wires although it is useless on a long run). You can operate it right from the controller or even out the field.
both the stationmaster and the pro-48 can identify individual wires for over a mile, yes, they are a great tool everyone needs

A real wire tracker & a 5ft. 3/8 - 1/2" copper grounding rod hammered down to the nub with an UBER clamp & at least #12 wire?
i have both the 521 and the pro-650, the locators don't need 5' copper grounds for proper tracing ground.

run it until the signal gets weak, dig up the wire and hook it up again there and move forward. ( be sure to splice the wire back together when you finish... duct tape is good for that right?)
the only reason to pot hole is to repair a broken wire. with or without a TDR you can diagnose the field wiring from the controller and if the wire is compromised make the decision to break out a GFL or usr the 521/pro-700. with the TDR you can also use the distance reading to narrow the search area down to a few feet.

16 Guats with probe rods?
that's just wrong

Site map with valves located on it?
agreed. problem is that things change, people construct, destruct, buy and sell. as-bilts are only as good as the installer is accurate.

Hammer SCD40 piece of pipe within pi$$ing distance of the valve with so much metal in it a $20.00 metal detector will find it. & make sure the field box doesn't get grown over?
this methodology is spec'd at most of the schools i've worked at. i have a magnawand and can find V.B.'s faster with standard locating techniques.

I complain bitterly when the LCO (unless it my Co.) lets crap build up and cover the field boxes.
maintenance is the key to keeping anything efficient, without proper maintenance of the V.B.'s, you'll have to locate sooner or later and if you have good skills, you're the man they call to do the job.

by the way, i talked mike through the locate the other day, he was done in much less time than it took to read and reply to your post
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