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Originally Posted by jvanvliet View Post
I am obviously in the presence of the g(note little g)od of irrigation. Many of us in south Florida inherit properties that have had the "local boys" or residents maintain their systems for years and only call when it's fubared.

Perhaps the 50X100 lots that you maintain make it easier to locate valves & faulty wiring and in less time than it takes to read this post. Unfortunately I have not had similar experiences on the 5 - 25+ acre common areas, some with installation as much as 30 years old and others installed by hacks, that are my bread and butter along with the residential homes utilizing the much dreaded indexing valves (no problem locating the valve here).

Without the benefit of your superhuman abilities, it has been difficult for me to trace wire that has been in the ground for that long in that short of a period of time, broken insulation and rigged in every way possible, the occasional lightning strike not being helpful either; but then I failed to contact you.

The 12-18" aluminum spike provided for grounding must be supernaturally enhanced for your applications, I have found that driving a good size grounding rod into the ground increases the performance exponentially, not necessarily 5 ft it just happens to be how long mine is, and if I can hammer it all the way down, I do, perhaps it is merely Freudian (see your Dickhunters guide for a definition).

Some of my accounts, The Ocean Club of Ocean Ridge, The Estates of Silver Lakes (boynton Beach) The City of Golf, French Villas of Lighthouse Point (Lighthouse Point) Grand Reserve (Coral Springs) Nautica (boynton beach) and others have not yet complained about the methodology I've employed in maintaining their irrigation systems, nor the time it has taken (on occasion) to locate field valves that have issues for a variety of reasons including landscape installation.

Nonetheless, I bow to your ability to speak a valve into existence via telephone in less time than it took to read & reply to my thread.

Perhaps I can find the answers in your "Dickhunters" guide... or is that just a hobby.

On another note, it is usually insecure people who build themselves up degrading and stepping on the shoulders of others.

I had hoped to have been offering something positive but now seem to have degenerated to your level.

Thank you for your input
what a bunch of ugly things to say to a person that didn't call you any names or make any disparaging remarks about you.

if you had followed many of my posts you'd notice that i'm not a person to call others names or attack their work, if i do things differently i just say it, i don't attack them.

if you had read this thread you wouldn't have written the post in the manner that you did

this must mean that we're not going to be friends and the invite to winter is out of the question.............i can't have nothin' nice............

if you're working on those big jobs, you might consider a buying a TDR

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