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Originally Posted by Waterlogged View Post
I think I will hijack a little, I'm thinking about the TDR, but I have a question. In my area most of the houses I deal with will have multistrand coming from the controller to just outside the house and then switch to single strand 16#- 18#. Do I consider the short run of multistrand when telling the device the gauge size of wire I'm testing?
And Captain, do you mind telling me your price range on the TDR you bought? I have found some under $200. Thanks.
Originally Posted by S.O.Contracting View Post
On the same note. What about the systems with a 14-16 gauge common with multi for the zone wires? Really think the TDR can be an amazing tool in a troubleshooting.
men, you can buy a TDR knowing that i don't receive any money for promoting the TDR's use in any way, shape or form.

i've spent a lot of time working with the TDR, gathering information and testing theory's because i believe in it's use.

here's a few pic's of different wire arrangements for s&g. these pics show the use of three different size and type of wire, the mid thirties readout was with the 1-18 ga. and 1-14 ga. tied together to loop the wire. short = loop

the sixties reading is with 1-18, 1-14 and an unknown ga. jump wire to make the the heat, with all of the wire exposed, the TDR readings will vary with the VOP but in the ground it doesn't seem to matter much.

once you start getting the feel of the TDR in your area, heat, cold, soils ect you should be able to adjust the TDR's VOP to fit you or as i do use it to narrow not pinpoint the valves and wires.

it's not as important to pinpoint the site as it is to get close enough that the valve finder, ground fault locator is used minimally.
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