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Originally Posted by Michael Geist Yard Works View Post
I am with diamond - does the customer care what you are charging per.....prob not...just figure out what you want you think you can get in terms of profit and go with that number....all the consumer wants to know is what is it cost them bottom line -
On overgrown shrubs I understand the removal of debris - but if reasonably maintained why not just return clipping under the bed with blower?
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Even though these people live in 450,000+ homes, they are cheap. Probably 50% of them will wait until the HOA sends them a notice before they will have it done. Since it has been 3-4 years since these homes were built, it is that time right now.

We use pine straw in the suburbs of South Atl.

I agree with you on letting the clippings go back into the soil. I usually make a quick swoop, and pick up the larger pieces. No way I could pick up anymore, without removing a decent amount of pine straw. Moreover, the clippings turn brown by the next day and start decomp
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