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You may have some software program that is set to delete temporary Internet files after it gets to a certain percentage of using up your allocated disk space set for Temporary Internet files.

To see your cookies go to
1. Start button
2. Settings
3. Control Panel
4. Internet options
5. Select the GENERAL tab but it should come up on the GENERAL tab
6. In the middle you will see Temporary Internet files
7. If you select Delete cookies and say okay for the box that comes up then your password for all you various sites may be gone since cookies has some information in the file such as password,etc. Then select okay at the bottom of the internet properties box. I have used a free software package off the internet called GATOR that saves passwords on its own files so once cookies is deleted it is still in Gator. Gator then comes up when I go to lawnsite or any other site and fills in the password for me.

If you don't want to delete all cookies or you want to view cookies then instead of selecting the 'Delete Cookies' button select 'Settings' and 'view files' and that is your cookies showing where everyone who has used that computer has been. Some sites uses the cookies file about preferences use use when you are on their site.

This is one way companies can get information off your computer when you visit their site about what areas you visit in their site. Kind of like grocery stores cards you must have to get their sales specials which they are using the cards to track all your purchases to try to gleam some type of trend of food buying.etc. of the people who shop at their store.

A good book to get if you have 'Windows XP Home Edition Complete' is called Windows XP Home Edition completed. Says only 19.99 on the cover. You should be able to check it out at the library or get it at Barnes and Nobles or other book stores. Real good book
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