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Originally Posted by SoonerTurf View Post
I still have had remarkable success with the MLS listing. Find a Realtor that has access to the Multi Listing Service (MLS) list of houses for sale. they can run a list of houses that just closed (just sold). Get that list once a month (once a week for me) and either go by and introduce yourself to the NEW homeowner and let them know you take care of such and such yards in the neighborhood to help keep the neighborhood market up. Or you can send a letter or postcard to these newly bought homes and let them know about a new homeowner deal you have for that specific neighborhood. I used this when I was selling residential security systems and tripled my commisions and now I use it for lawn and have doubled the size of our customer base in 8 months. The only "catch" is finding a realtor willing to help you out. I just called around and asked and the one I work with was about my 4th phone call. I offer them a small kick back ($5 for each one I sell off that list which is around 800 this year) and they are more than happy to give it to me because that is $4000 more than they would have had and it takes them about 5 minutes to produce a list. Try it out... it works!
So the whole trick is finding newly purchased homes?

Shouldn't be a problem for me. My father in law is a licensed realtor.
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