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Originally Posted by JRM31 View Post
I should have just used adventitious roots in the first place.
Gee ... ya think ... and I was nit picking over an entire sentence. Wording is everything .... and what you initially stated was simply wrong. Don't takie offense ... just look up the information if you aren't sure about it next time and you will avoid getting corrected by someone who might know better.

Originally Posted by JRM31 View Post
Does my response seem plausible and do you endorse the plan of action? If not why, I know its hard to tell without a firsthand examination but lets toss some ideas around. What was your first BS in? genuinely curious.
Personally I think when/if the OP gets the roots out of there, it could kill the tree. If is doesn't kill it, it will most likely look like shiit. My first degree is in soil science and hydrology.
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