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We never use braided wire for runs that long & many here have suggested a 2 wire system which makes a lot of sense for that many zones.

I've used the Hunter 4 zone Smartvalve Controllers - (pain in the a$$ to program for me) Is your water source City water or Grey water, are you operating a demand system or (shudder) are you trying to coordinate the Hunters with a pump start?

Also, the Smartvalve Controllers will only give you about 100ft. between valves and that's THEIR rating. Reality is a lot less @ 100' there'll be problems with the solenoid if the battery is in the least bit weak. The other draw back is you must use the "special" Hunter valves & coils.

By the way, you can get field boxes that exceed 6" & you can gang four 1.5" (POS) Hunter valves in them governed by the single controller.
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