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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
i just took a call about a 3 acre install that i'll look at tomorrow.

how many of you would bid a well system without a pumpdown test?

i guess that i'm the last to look at this and nobody's done one yet.

proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.
Personally I wouldn't...

I charge $125.00 - $195.00 for the test (cheap but it doesn't usually take me three hours) refundable if I get the work. If I don't get the work, they get the written results.

I never rely on somebody elses #'s. It's a formula for dissaster.

If they don't want to spend the money up front for a proper evaluation, include disclaimers in the contract, I can't warranty work in the absence of performance data. Anything over 250.00, I write a contract.
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