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Originally Posted by dunk50 View Post
Golfnut7 I went with the accelerator for 3 main reasons. All proved to be right. #1 Accelerator was only $370 shipped to my door. (called the factory and got a second) could not find any damage that I would complain about!
#2 The Accelerator is one item and easy to store, implement and use! I can't stress that enough! It is also VERY well made.
#3 I have had many rear baggers. I have never had one that did not plug / jam up at some time or another. I really felt that the longer tube of the rear engine zero turn would be a problem. Some guys use them with the right blade and grass without many problems but the rear bagger cannot be as efficient and the Accelerator.
Good logical reasons for going with an accelerator. Have you used a spidle-driven vac system on a zero turn with rear catchers? I find this to be better than side catchers, although accelerator arguably makes the best side catchers.
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