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Greenhouse / tree & shrub farm?

I have been going over building a smaller but larger than your typical homeowner greenhouse for years even before I started my Landscaping company, Now with doing Design's to install's it just makes more sense to start using the property I already own and grow some of the typical and non typical shrubs & trees.

Have also thought about building some bulk material bins to hold mulch, Just maybe some brown & red since those are the 2 colors I tend to use the most of, I wouldnt really be trying to setup for the general public just moreless try to have enough stock on hand with enough variety to not have to go to the bigger nurserys to obtain stock, This would definalty help when bidding on jobs that have multiple companys bidding on them.

Whats the best way to get the stock to get started? asexual reproduction or just buy a bunch of very small saplings to get started with?

I would also like to do some perinials as well in the greenhouse. The other day at lowes I noticed them about to throw out close to 200 gallon pots assortment of stuff, the had them marked down under $2 I offered them enough to cover cost of gallon containers they was in. They said no tossed in garbage I wanted to smack the guy, Ive worked in garden centers, these was the pots we would keep moist back in what we called the graveyard (no customers allowed), cover them up around halloween with straw & plastic sheeting when everything starts growing around spring in the beds we would uncover them 90% would be green & growing again and would be sold at full price.

Has anyone tryed anything like this? basicly tring to supply there own bussiness with enough stock to work with for a year at a time? most softscape jobs range from $3000.00 - $5000.00 around here, if I can add that chunk into my pocket as well as the design & install that would just be sweet. I do realize I would be taking on another full time job as well as the current one.
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