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Golfnut, I am no professional. I was in your situation a few weeks ago. I mow my lawn about every 3 too 4 days. I have a half acre or so. I also thought about the mulching blades but so far I am very happy with the stock from factory ones. You are correct, when not using the catcher I just side discharge. As you can see from the photos I have a short wall and hedge around the yard so I am not too worried about not having the deflector on. I have mowed that way with my Wheelhorse for 19 years. I use the catcher the same way you do. Spring clean up, fall clean up and when I come back from vacaton. As far as the mulcher, I really don't know. I don't mulch or pick up and the Hustler blows the grass out the side so well, I do not get any grass in rows or laying on top. You would have to ask around about the mulcher but I have left more grass rolls laying on top with the mucher (on other mowers) than without it. Of course if the grass is real long it's a different story. As far as blades go I am happy with the factory stock ones. They pack the grass into the Accelerator very well. With a rear bagger I bet you would have to have the high lift. What I intend to do as I always keep a spar set is this. I am going to buy two high lift blades but only put one on the discharge side. That gives me two sets of one high lift and one stock. I read somewhere that this was a good way to go. I did go with the Honda and love it. It seems quieter, smoother with a lot less vibration. I did mow my sons 3/4 acre yesterday. He has a nice lawn in an upscale development and usually push mows with a Toro Super Recycler. He let it get away from him a little (nothing real bad) so I offered to mow it for him. I did not pick it up, I just blew it out the side discharge without the deflector and it looks great. I don't know what it is about the Hustler but it cuts soeee much better than my wheelhorse. Blade tip speed, deck, I don't know but lawn sure looks good. Enough rambling, any more questions I can answer feel free to ask. Paul
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