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Originally Posted by bobcat48 View Post
Looks good,hey can i have my pb 500 and srm 225 back,looks really good,how do you like them,i like mine,no problems with them.very nice setup.
I love them, funny you ask... I was driving home at the end of the day today and i hit a gigantic bump in the road, somehow unlatched the safety hook for the weedwacker rack, and the motor side of the weedwacker hit the pavement... It dragged on the pavement hanging from the one side of the rack for about a minute until i could pull over.. The gas tank is grinded away to about half of what it should be and its really scratched up.. not to mention is has pebbles lodged in every little part of the engine... Safe to assumed its ruined.. I am super pissed and im going to have to go buy a new one tonight as much as i dont want to... FML
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