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I have the Samsung Moment that operates with the Droid OS, and absolutely love it. It is through Sprint, and I just got it about a little over a month ago. I was with verizon for about 14 years, but their package was costing me way too much, and their data program would have cost me even more. My Sprint package comes in about 1/2 the cost per month that the equivalent verizon package would cost me for my needs. Verizon didn't even want to work with me a bit on it - even after 15 years of being a loyal customer. they just had a smug, arrogant attitude of "we don't HAVE to work on price - we have the big red map". Well, guess what, just lost a good customer, so KEEP your big red map. Next time I'm standing out in the middle of a desolate cornfield in Iowa, I'll give it some thought, But for MY use? Sprint does well, and I get SO much more, for so much less (I used to have only talk and some texting). Now, I have talk, unlimited texting, tv, unlimited web - including weather and radar, gps with directions and maps, and so many cool aps, I am STILL amazed at what all this phone does. And all this, for a cheaper price than what I was paying before with just the talk and texting, let ALONE how much less it is than what I would be paying for verizon's equivalent program with their $30/mo. extra charge for their "data plan". Like I say,...I am currently paying about 1/2 of what verizon would be charging.

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.
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