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Question on bid

We received a bid to install a simple 2 zone system which is powered by a 3/4 pump which sits on draws from the lake. The installer mentioned because its only 2 zones that we had the option of getting our own controller as his price was 200+ and he felt becase of the simplistic nature of what we needed...(watering the grass) and a small bed of native flowers. The controllers he uses were way overkill. Could anyone kindly recommend a 4 valve controller? I would rather not buy some POS from a box store from a guy @ HD that doesnt know his as_ from a hole in the ground.....I see sprinklerwarehouse has several controllers @ decent prices.

I was also curious if a pressure relief valve would be something we request be installed to prevent the pump from burning out in the event a valve ever got stuck. Or perhaps a high temp kill switch. A pressure tank I know is an alternative but would prefer to avoid one if the relief valve would suffice.
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