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Originally Posted by MarcSmith View Post
ya know in florida I never had any problems with pipes floating up...I wonder if the result of the empty lines in the winter and the high amount of moisture we had this winter is more of the cause...
Actually I have... on a 1,000 ft run using a remote hunter 4 valve controllers . The guy that low balled my maintenance contract didn't have a clue how to program them or even change the batteries.

Long story short; he disabled the zone, the ground turned into a fine silt like sand and everytime the LCO ran his tractor over the pipe, it forced silt down and the pipe came up.

When I did the installation, all the pipe (excepting the swing pipe to the rotors) was down 30" Now it's just below the surface in places.

Not this guys problem though. I'll bet he had ground water freeze and force the pipe up
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