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Originally Posted by CAPT Stream Rotar View Post
Forget Rainbird..

Hunter is the way to go...

they can go up to 15 stations and have reliable remote hook ups...great upgrade.

When R/B has good remote, I'll switch.
I beg to differ. I used to install a lot of Hunter ProCs, then experimented with Irrigation Direct, and have installed mostly Rain Bird ESP for any 13 zone or fewer jobs I've had in the last year.

If you like the ProC's features, Irrigation Direct matches them and gives you six stations to start with and adds features. It uses a replaceable lithium battery for current time back up (non-volatile memory for the rest) and does something I haven't seen on other clocks, self-adjusts for DST.

They advertise here on Lawnsite.

And Rotar, Rain Bird did come out with a better remote while you were swimming with the Phish. Now pay attention.
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