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Ive had the same problem with my two FS 90Rs. I have a 2007 and a 2009 model and love the power and fuel efficiency of both but the 2009 doesnt have hardly any use to it and its already starting to act like my 2007 model, it wont idle without dying, I finally had to adjust the old one to give it some more juice I may try the same with the other. Today my old one just started reving up on my without me even touching the throttle. I recently bought a third trimmer but decided to go with Echo and I have to say although this trimmer is a two cycle and has smaller displacement than the Stihls, I'm very impressed. I guess I will try to do my best to fix the problem if anyone on here has any solutions. I love Stihl products and the company is great to deal with. Dont even get me started with Stihl gas caps though! POS!!!!
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