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On pine trees..........a climber will ascend and cut the limbs off as he goes up the tree leaving 8 inch stubs to climb up and safety off around. This will prevent the other limbs from catching as they fall down on the ascent upward. At the top of the tree, it comes off last and on the descent, sections are taken off. Being close to a house or power lines the cutter will need to safety rope off each limb if cut large. Jump cutting can be done on small trees without roping techniques. But I will tell you that around here, 700.00 bux for a 30' pine tree is ludicrous. Try more like 275.00!!!-brush chipped and not stumped.
We have a sub tree service that will climb these trees all day long.........especially our 90 foot pines and the straight centers are cut into 10 foot long sections for logging out and resold for timber.. Those are the ones that warrant 700 to 900 to remove.
I think that renting a lift is way too expensive, but if the arborists in your area are charging more than 700 bux for that small of a tree then be careful.
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