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I did not copy and paste anything. I have a lot of older publications that was a part of my tree surgery study guides. I do not employ tree surgery methods anymore as it is a total dieing trade here. These publications are older..........from the 80's as my State University is a bit outdated on this subject. The state doesn't offer any further sources for tree formation and root structuring as it is learned from the nursery trade and business. Tree Injection is no longer in my methods of IPM! I meant no harm to the integrity of this thread. I thought these other words..........for the sake of viewing would spark some interest into the definitions and googleing.
Didn't mean to get your heckles up. !!

I agree with you on the one fact that if this person spends the efforts of removing all these root fibers and hacks on that root mess............the tree will die. Point Blank!
I have seen this mistake over and over and over again. Without the spinning wheels of proper identification...........names of roots and techniques, this tree needs to be brought back to level using soils around that exposed root ball and sloped downward. If by the grace of nature, the roots will have a medium to expand outward as they should have in the beginning but couldn't. This may be a simple means of explanations but it should be enough to survive that tree.

I am not going to knock you expertise at all..........that is wonderful you have such to gain over me. I will not argue the point!!!! Common sense is my point here of correcting a problem. Don't leave that root mass exposed any longer or just cut the tree down and start all over again and quit putting little rock fortresses around ornamental trees that are supposed to be planted by themselves with enough bed to allow for growth expansion and no competition from other sources such as turf.
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