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Originally Posted by Some Sprinkler Guy View Post
I bought a ID clock that was bad outa the box. It took waiting a month and a half for me to get the replacement back, and they were going to repair it. I dont mind them repairing it, but they need to remember I had to install the thing on the wall at a job, then remove it and install a pro-c at my expense. At what they probably pay to make those clocks, they could send me a new one so I dont have any more issues at my expense. I had to email and ask where the clock was before getting my replacement.

If their service was "Top Notch" they could have sent me a replacment right away and waited to get the bad one back.

I have spend quite a bit with them on some other stuff too.

I have been happy with their stuff and prices, but just could not stand by on the "Top-Notch" service statement above. I would say their service has been ok.

I have had both Rain bird and Hunter step up on product failures and reimburse me. Not on everything but they have done it.

Heck I got a good check from Rain-Bird on the esp modular mv issue.
I'm surprised at that. Maybe It's because I'm within 50 miles, and was ordering six clocks at a time from them for a while, but they sent me replacement panels no questions asked, with a box to return the old one in... and I'm talking received replacement within two business days.

So, maybe they have experienced some growing pains or supply issues since.

Rain Bird did not offer me any reimbursement for the MV issue, but I only had to replace 3 of those back panels. Hunter replaced one ICC for me and several ASV valves with leaky threads, even though they determined it was a Lasco MA issue...
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