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todays drainage project

I reluctantly took on this job. This is the job I have spoke of in the past where the original landscaper and PM did a horrible job and the home owner wanted answers. Well i was the only one how gave him some so he asked me to tackle the job.

The problem was that because the original soil prep was non existent the water would run off the lawn because the soil couldn't absorb it in this area and the boxwood were planted in the same crap the hole dug for the plants became a water dish.

So we popped out the plants in the front of the bed (the back didn't seem to have the drainage issue I think because I chain trenched the main right under that area) and dug a 1' wide by 1.5' trench. Then augered 4' deep holes every 3' down to clean sand. Then filled the holes and trench with clean sand and replanted the boxwood. We took out about 6 yards of crap by shovel and wheel barrow.
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