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The key being that if you get enough work... then it makes sense to buy...I rented a power washer for one job... made boat loads of money on the job, and then I went out a bought one... if i were to rent a machine its going to cost 250, plus markup= 325. and then my labor for the day ends up being about 22 bucks an hour to equal your 500 bucks a day...or I don't mark up the labor and I end up getting 31 an hour to be competitive..still way to low. and If I owned the equipment I be making more money...but..I have costs associated with that equipment that i don't have while I'm renting it...

The key is to know your customer and know your job...if its a no bid situation then you can and should mark up but if its a job that you see yourself doing more and more of, at some point you should consider buying..
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