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Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
I understand what you are saying but when over 10% of the workforce is unemployed and people are slow all over the place it is tough to nickel and dime on something that costs you nothing to run. I believe you should charge for your time picking up and dropping off and a small mark-up if you can but 30-40% mark-up plus a decent hourly wage will likely price you out of some jobs. I am not opposed to marking up equipment if you can get it but I think you will find that more often than not you will price yourself out of the market.
honestly a rental still takes fuel, if I break the equipment, chances are i'll have to pay for the repair, flat tire, I fix, , broken teeth on a bucket, ect. so its still very easy to have costs with a rental. Again know your job. if its a bid situation, then you have to bid what you are comfortable with. Being that you own the equipment you can bid it tighter.. But at the end of the day you still have have to make the money to repair/maintain/replace the machine when the time comes... so you are still paying a fee to "rent" the machine you fee schedule would be much less than mine. But I don't have the equipment sitting around waiting for me to use...while I pay for it..

lease/own, rent/buy, employees/ have to find you own comfort level..

if it was a job that i was already on and you bid against me, even if I did not get last look at the bids, I'd figure out a way to get the job...even if it meant doing it for slightly over cost..I just did not like other folks doing work on my jobs that i could do..
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