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Our leaf removals are really beneficial for our company.

We run 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 dollar specials, last year we brought in about 50,000 before labor/fuel/insurance/repairs with last years leaf clean-up for the last 7-8 weeks of fall just before winter.
Our tactic was 8=30x40 tarps, 4=12x16 ? tarps, tent stakes walk behind leaf blowers, backpack blowers, 2 trucks, 2 18' trailers with 6ft sides.
We layed 1 tarp in the trailer ran rope to the front of the trailer attached to the tarp, we would fill the trailer with leaves and every 4 feet of loose leaves we would layer another tarp on top of the leaves and tarp and add another rope.
We did not skimp on the tarps, we payed good money for the thicker tarps.
We would manage at least 5 clean-ups a day with 3 guys last year.
The lawn mower was used to pull the tarps back to the trailer, the tent stakes held down the tarp when we loaded it with the walk behind blower and backpacks.

The only hard time we had was loading the big fatroll on the tarp after it was 1/2 way on the trailer lol.

2 men pulling the tarp into the trailer 1/2 way and the other guy to help lift the fat roll bulge on the other half of the tarp with leaves up over the end of the trailer.

At times we would manage to knock out 10 or 11 of the 200 dollar cleanups last year.
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