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TORO44, thank you for your responses. My issue goes beyond manipulating the levers to account for uneven ground, and I do recognize that the speed is reduced in reverse. In my case, I can be on relatively flat pavement or lawn and there's a noticeable difference between the left and right sides in reverse, it takes a LOT of lever manipulation of the left lever to track in a somewhat straight line. It is as if the right lever (in reverse only) is 'dead'. If you are familiar with gear/belt drive walk-behinds, the reverse is (on my old Encore) an assist rather than a full-fledged positive reverse drive. This is the same experience I get with the Grandstand in reverse, the right lever barely moves the machine. It becomes an exercise in backing-up with the left wheel, then catching up with the right wheel, this entire process of backing up is in steps. I cannot believe that Toro designed it this way, yet it hasn't been resolved as of yet.
Between what you stated about your Wright and the fact that the Grandstand does not perform well as a walk-behind I am sorry that I did not go with my first choice of the Wright. The walk-behind feature of the Grandstand would have been perfect for my application had it worked well, but as it is, I am using the grandstand as a stand-on only. With Toro not shipping mowers this spring I bypassed the demo stage and bought based on published marketing 'facts', that was a mistake. Thanks again for your input.
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