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Originally Posted by Toro 44 View Post
I wouldn't right off the toro just yet. It sounds like there is a repairable issue. In the back of my mind, i wish toro had come out with the GS sooner, i might have bought it instead. Seems like the grass is always greener on the other side.

Can you look at your machine when it's not running and verify that the linkage on the side of your pumps is moving equal amounts on the right and on the left? If it is, you might have a pump problem and a pressure test might show it up.

I know how it is when you know there is a problem but the dealer says its fine. It is extremely frustrating. Warranties have limited value.

How many hours are on your machine? What size and HP? I have read your threads but cannot recall what you have.
I have a 2010 24hp 48" unit. I believe that I have equal travel as I recall, I did lower the heat shield and looked at it a while back. I have (from memory) approximately twenty hours on my machine, I am a homeowner mowing my own lawn, I have experienced this issue from the beginning. At first I gave it some time to get a bit used to the controls, but even with only these low hours it became obvious that something is not right. Thanks again for your input. Regarding the mention you made of the pump pressure, that sounds promising, but would it affect only the reverse motion? I suppose I could be experiencing it in forward, I do have to 'jog' the levers, but I am attributing any unevenness to the ground. There is quite a difference between the way ths unit acts in reverse vs forward.
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