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Leaves, you rake them we take them guys???

Ok this is for the guys that pick up extra cash by advertising to the folks that want to rake their leaves themselves. By this I mean, they rake them to the curbs and you go by and pick them up. Anybody do this?? I did a couple last year through advertisement and am willing to expand it this year.

But I would like to know what you all charge. Do you a have a base price then charge hourly for the time you are there sucking them up? Or do you charge just one price say like 75 dollars?? I have a leaf loader that I will be using so that is not a problem. Just want to get a general idea of what everyone else is doing with this.

Thanks in adavance,

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We can all do our little part. My advertising includes ....Restore what it means to be a citizen of the USA and hire an American worker to cut your lawn.
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