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Originally Posted by Whitaker24 View Post
I cut them on 3" an if we have any rain I have to cut them again within 2-3 days. Even cutting them at 3 I have a lot of clippings. I cut part on 1.75" on Sat. by Mon I cut it on 3 and cut some off the top using 3". Used to be old pasture land, I was hoping to find something I could put on the whole yard to slow the growth down. Most weeks I cut the yard 2 times a week to stay on top of it but have clippings everywhere.
What kind of grass are you dealing with? I deal with warm season grasses only. Not familiar with cool season grasses but it sounds like you may be dealing with what most would consider a weed grasses. If that is the case it would be best to eliminate the undesireable weeds. I am guessing you do not have irrigation so you are not overwatering. How about ferilization, overdoing it?
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