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Sponsor of another forum with basic Pond/Algae Question

Hi there, I've never posted in this forum but have been active in the Landscape Lighting Forum for some time. My apologies if this question has been discussed alot before.

At my own house we have a 6'T 4 tiered fountain with a pond style large bottom tier. I live in Tampa where its hot and sunny but the fountain is located on the north side of our house where its often shady.

Its simply tough to stop it from being green water/algae. I drop in chlorine tablets (takes care of the area right around the tablets). Weekly maintenance for a water feature seems excessive but maybe its necessary.

How do most people keep their fountains clean?
What are ur suggestions for maintenance (products, technique and frequency)?

Fountain is right next to our front door and prominent so it needs to be kept proper.

Thanks a bunch!


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