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If you have as few a 5 phones it can make sense to setup a corporate/business account for your cell phones. With a business account we are able to do the following:
1. We use a pooled business account. We buy a block of minutes for all phones to use. Minutes per phone don't really matter as long as the total for the month don't go over the pool.
2. If the phones are all on the same carrier calls between the phones do not use minutes.
3. Many carriers, such as ATT now have "free" lists you can use if your phone plan qualifies (and most business accounts do). We are able to list 10 non-carrier numbers for each/all phones which then do not incur any charges. For example we put the number of each persons home, etc. on their phone.
4. We provide the phones becuase we want control of the phone numbers. When and employee leaves we maintain the number and move it to the next employees. This way customers are still connected to us and not calling another service based on the new employer of an ex-employee.
5. For most employees we provide a basic non-data phone. Even the most basic phones have cameras, MP3, WAP email, and usually can be obtained for little or no cost. For the top level groups we use Blackberries with data plans only because Blackberry uses their own network for mail which is encrypted from end to end.
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