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blackberry vs. iPhone is the same as Mac vs. PC. Having had both, here are the main differences:

-User Interface: Nothing compares to the iPhones ease of use. Nothing. Its touch screen and I think blackberry has 1 or so models that are touch screen.

-Practical: iPhone does have a lot of stuff you dont need but the App store for iPhone is better than any other app store out there. You can get an app for anything. I know black berry has apps but the money is in making apps for the iPhone, so this is what developers do first.

-Business: Edge to Blackberry, for email I think its a lot easier to use. The blackberry is more business oriented where the iPhone is more pleasure oriented.

In the end, iPhone does it for me. Zoom on camera, video, as well as all the other standard iPhone features. Cant be beat. Im not a die hard apple fan either, just for the phone.
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