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Originally Posted by stan the man View Post
i have total accounts of curb side 20 account and i have big banner on my truck saying cur side put and i get a lot calls. i have 35 spring and fall clean ups.3 week ago i got new f450 i will be building a new box. i think 3 to 4 house per load i hope will find out this year.stick in the leave are killer all my account keep sticks out of the leaves for me. i pick them up later they are trained
Good luck with the new setup this year.

Originally Posted by Gmgbo View Post
I get $100 min. It works out well driving around getting one time customer and regular maintenance piles the same day.

This year I will charge 125-150. One time piles are usually filled with big sticks and rocks from roads in disrepair
Thanks for the information. I agree the one time piles could be hard on the leaf vaccum that is for sure.
Originally Posted by jeffex View Post
We can all do our little part. My advertising includes ....Restore what it means to be a citizen of the USA and hire an American worker to cut your lawn.
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