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I have peach trees as well. Spray for fruit worms when they are blooming. Check bark periodically for borers. You can tell when you have borers when the tree starts leaking a sappy jelly substance. I normally press the bark hard enough to kill whats under it. This gets rid of them. If you don't want to do that use beneficial nematodes.Top the tree at 8 feet during the winter when the sap is completely down. This encourages branching which produces more fruit in the future. You do not want too much fruit per branch so thin fruit to 4-5 per 5 foot branch. This will yield a larger crop(Larger peaches)and prevent branch breakage. Fertilize 3X per year with 10-10-10. Once before bloom, Once during fruit production,Then again in the fall. I have the freestone variety Elberta. Nice large red peach. Try to water deeply. Every 5th day. Give then 2 inches of water. You don't want them to crack by watering incorrectly.

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