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Walker hydro and PTO info needed

Gday all, I am new to forums I am not familiar with all the terms and am still trying to learn how to navigate the site so I hope I can find my way back in here :-) I have 2 questions (1) my walker hydro has been leaking and is now low on oil, by low I mean the cup is empty and the oil level is below the air breather but I can still see oil in the hydro, it is still working but sluggish in reverse on that side (fan side). I read all the info I could find on hydros in here and I dont think mine is leaking from around the shaft seal but I cant really see where it comes from the whole hydro and drive and even the plastic cups were all covered in oily dust, the cup was over full on a previous inspection but I was too busy to investigate then, I wonder if there is any reason for this, there was never too much oil put into the cup so could the oil have been forced out through the top of the cup somehow? (2) I need to repair the PTO seals (at the least ) it no longer holds oil, so it has to come out ... I think? Does it come up and out or will it come out from underneath?

Thanks in advance, Les.
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